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Laminate flooring…..THE MOVIE!!

So onwards and upwards with our home renovation project. Things are really starting to get interesting now and we can see that our house is taking shape. The next job is to lay some laminate flooring so it would be a good idea to watch the video below, Craig Phillips again on how to improve your property relatively cheaply by laying your own flooring!

Check it out!

Knocking Down an Internal Wall

My next tasks was to remove one of the walls in my downstairs area. Like a lot of people these days I really wanted to open out the downstairs and have it in the modern open plan style. I think this makes a property feel much bigger and utilises the space.

But with older properties you are going to have to get rid of one of your walls to get it opened out.

This is a major undertaking and I do not recommend this until you have the advice of some one who knows a lot about structural design, i.e a local builder. I used this simple guide I found on the internet regarding How to tell whether a wall is load bearing.

Then I simply followed this video and got stuck in!!

Have fun

Themba The Movie

Hello There and welcome to my Do It Yourself Blog.

My name is Paul Themba and I am a carpenter and DIY enthusiast.

This website has really been set up for my own benefit so I can document and archive some of the best DIY videos on You Tube and the rest of the web. I want to help others by having a place where you can go to not only get instructional videos but also to get a reviews of those videos to see whether they actually work or not.

I have just bought a property and it needs a whole load of work doing on it. It also needs many different skills and tradesmanship working on the property to turn it from an absolute dump which it is now to something remarkable. See the above photo.

So feel free to follow me on my quest of renovation and do it yourself learn from all the Do It Yourself movies I am going to learn from and lets see whether we can create a lovely construction for my new house.