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THEMBA – a journey of hope

Soccer is a universal language, an integral part of cultures across the world; it is the ballet of the masses, the opera of the people. Soccer isn’t a game anymore it’s a way of life. The football field is a place where sanity and hope are still left unharmed, a place where fitness, courage and determination can help you overcome any obstacle.

Soccer isn’t something you can fake. It’s a feeling, an obsession, a lifestyle. If you don’t live, eat, sleep and breathe soccer then you are not a true soccer player, you just wear the jersey.

Imagine a young boy who dreams of being a football star living in poverty, in a community ravaged by unemployment, abuse and HIV, how can he make his dreams come true?

This is the story of a young boy, Themba, who lives his dream and that wish becomes an achievement through his own endurance and belief. He uses his natural instinct and ability and learns how to apply and harness his resources against all odds and along the way finds out how pain, shame and prejudice can be temporary – but pride is forever.

Filmed on location largely against the stunning rural landscapes of the Eastern Cape region of South Africa, THEMBA tells the story of a local boy who triumphs against all adversity and finds a way to bring his talent to the soccer stadiums. The South African/German co-production was written and directed by Stefanie Sycholt from the book by author Lutz van Dijk. It is a testament to the beautiful game and the South African spirit and brings to the screen some of South Africa’s most talented local stars in their most challenging roles, Nat ‘Junior’ Singo, Kagiso Motsei, and Patrick Mofokeng. The film introduces the acclaimed local jazz singer Simphiwe Dana who makes her screen debut in a leading role . International soccer stars Jens Lehmann and Doctor Khumalo and celebrated South African Film and TV star Rapulana Seiphemo make guest appearances.

Zeitsprung Entertainment, Rheingold Films and DO Productions present a Stefanie Sycholt film, THEMBA is based on the book “Crossing the Line” by Lutz van Dijk, adapted for the screen by Stefanie Sycholt, produced by Michael Souvignier, Ica Souvignier, Josef Steinberger, Brigid Olën , Marlow de Mardt and Stefanie Sycholt.

Download the press release here.

(Franz Beckenbauer)

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