Themba The Movie

Welcome to my website. My name is Paul Themba and I am a professional carpenter with a keen interest in restoration and Do it yourself building work and maintenance.

Most of the skills I have learned outside of my carpeting trade has been self taught using You Tube videos. So this website is a DO it Yourself Movie guide on how to improve your property using the knowledge of other people and watching these tutorials. This is the place to go where I have selected the best videos out there, every video has been tested and the instructions followed in real life.

I have followed instructions on a video before and had disastrous results, so I wanted to make a resource of videos that work and help you to hone your skills. On some of the posts i will also make some comment and extra advice to help really make the videos come to life and be the most beneficial. Sometimes the instructions won’t quite be thorough enough when it comes to doing it in real life so beware and look out for the extra tips.

If you want to make contact then please reply to the blog posts in the comment section and i will be sure to reply back as soon as I can.

Good luck with your projects and wish me luck with mine!