Browse Month: November 2019

Roofing Ready to GO!!

roofing contractors laying a tile on the roof
a roofer laying tile on the roof

So it has been at least a couple of years…. it feels like!! And here we are with this renovation part of our building project. The roofing portion of what we are doing has been a long time coming. In fact i cant even remember the last time i posted in here!

So long story short – we were seeking the help of a number of different roofing contractors and various companies let us down. Then we had some financial troubles so we could no longer fund our ellaborate project and work ceased for about 18 months. Then we got going again and did some interior type works like the skirting and the plasterboards. But really it was the roof that was the end game because that was what was going to make it livable

Roofing Bristol UK in the west midlands eventually came up with a solution using natural delabole slate (nothing like the picture!) So we went ahead and they did the work well ahead of their schedule and about 14 years behind ours!

Oh well, its not a race as they say – it was really the money problems that has scuppered us but now all that is behind us I hope to be reporting with some more updates inĀ  the near future.

Check back soon for some more building reports and hopefully some news on completion and us actually moving in.