Removing Paint Off Your Wall

This is a good start for the blog.

When ever you renovate a property you usually have to remove old paint from the walls. So I have been looking through the videos today and I have found a few simple and good ones. This one above from Chris boss is very short but the main point he comes up with herer which i think is very important for any young enthusiast is, DONT TRY TO GET ALL THE PAINT OFF.

You could lbe there for days and days on just one wall. You are not aiming for a perfect job.

Your main aim is to leave a finish good enough to put new paint on. So really its just the stuff that can easily be scrapped off, the stuff that would naturally damage your finished paint job, that you want to try and remove. The paint that is welded to the plasterboard is not going to come off when you paint over it.

This one below is a good one form Wickes.

A very professionally made guide to preparing a wall.

How to Prepare Walls & Ceilings for Painting


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