How To Build & Lay Timber Decking

Craig Phillips??!!  Isnt he an ex big brother bloke or something

As a carpenter by trade I have to lay a lot of decking type installations, this video here is a very good instructional video showing you a simple deck lay.

It goes through the start up process where you need to really make sure the ground is well prepared and level before you start laying the main joists for the base of your decking. Craig uses 4×2 inch timbers and I often use the same. This deck here is not really what I would call a professional decking installation but for DIY purposes you are going to get an OK finish.

Main Points on the video

  1. Mark out the area and shape of your decking using a string line.
  2. If the ground is soft you are going to need to lay some pad foundations
  3. Build the subframe using 4×2 inch timber
  4. Where the frame meets the exterior wall, you need to be at least 150mm above the damp proof course
  5. Start with the main ledger beam and attach it to the wall
  6. Apply wood treatment to any recently cut timber
  7. Use off cuts of wood to reinforce any joins so it can take the weight
  8. Use the first decking timber and clamp to the frame to act as a facia.

So follow this decking movie and you can be a decking installation pro!

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